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Marching Band


Columbus East Band Boosters

Fair Share


Instrument Supplies and Repair

Pep Band

Performing Arts Resource

Student Attendance Policy

Uniform Care

Musical Columbus East TorchAwards

Marching Band: An awards program is held at the end of the marching season (early November) for Marching Band members only.

All Band members: A Spring Concert and Awards Ceremony is held in May.


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Musical Columbus East TorchColumbus East Band Boosters

The Band Boosters are a group of band and guard parents who volunteer their time to raise money or otherwise assist in support of the band and guard programs. All parents who have a child in band or guard are members of this organization.

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Musical Columbus East TorchFair Share

The school system provides a very small budget for the band department, but does not fund anywhere close to the amount required to run quality band and guard programs. Fair Share is a family's portion of the overall band and guard budget, and can be paid by either fund raising or writing a check. starting in 2021-22 there will be separate marching band, concert band, jazz band, winter percussion, and winter guard fees. For more detailed information about Fair Share, please visit our Fair Share page.

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Musical Columbus East TorchForms

Band and Guard Forms
Program Form Description
All Programs Background Check Any person over the age of 18 who helps the band or guard at the school or at performances or helps at events hosted at East (such as ISSMA Solo & Ensemble) must complete and submit a Background Check form every year.
All Programs Bus Conflict Slip If a student will not be riding the bus home from a competition, they must submit a bus conflict slip to the bus chaperone.
All Programs Conflict Slip If a student is not able to attend a performance or competition, they must submit a conflict slip to the director for approval prior to the performance.
All Programs Financial Assistance Application There are a limited number of Scholarships available each year. Any family who is struggling to meet their Fair Share obligation due to their financial situation is welcome to submit an application for a student scholarship.
Marching Band
Winter Guard
Winter Percussion
PE Waiver Students who want to complete the PE Waiver requirements must turn in this form at the beginning of the semester during which the activity is completed. Please contact school office for further information.
Marching Band
Winter Guard
Winter Percussion
Extra-Curricular Consent Form Every student participating in an extra-curricular activity must have this completed form submitted. A new form must be completed EACH YEAR!

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Musical Columbus East TorchInstrument Supplies and Repair

Paiges Music provides instrument music supplies and repair to Columbus East High School. Paiges offers a variety of services including rental, purchase of new or used instruments, repair and supplies. Paiges Music visits our school on TUESDAYS to service all of our student’s needs. Orders must be called in at least 24 hours prior to the TUESDAY visit. All orders are COD (checks payable to Paiges Music) or credit card orders can be taken over the phone.

Paiges Music (800) 382-1099

Columbus East High School Code: #cehs147

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Pep BandPep Band

All band members are also members of the Pep Band. The Pep Band plays during five (5) home girls’ and five (5) home boys’ basketball games. Please note that playing at these games are considered performances and will be part of the students’ grades. Please see Attendance Policy.

Pep Band Attendance Policy

CEHS Pep Band is a commitment to a group activity that seeks to reward members with a positive team experience in addition to supporting the East basketball teams. Excellent attendance is a requirement for all members.

Excused Absences Include:

Unexcused Absences Include:


Students that struggle with numerous sicknesses, or struggle with a long-term sickness, or injury may opt for other assignments and be released from the pep band commitment/expectations.

Absence Make Up Work

At the director’s discretion, missed teamwork commitments due to any absence may need to be “made up” in a timely manner. Depending on the timeliness and importance of necessary make up work, in some cases, make up work may need to be completed before student is allowed to participate in the next rehearsal, performance, or contest.


Any unexcused absence will result in the lowering of the student grade for the nine week period. 3 unexcused absences or excessive tardiness may result in the removal from the ensemble and band class for the remainder of the semester.

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Musical Columbus East TorchPerforming Arts Resource

Students who participate in a Performing Arts Class may use the Performing Arts Resource. This area is used for practicing instruments and/or studying only. Please note that the following set of rules apply to the Performing Arts Resource in conjunction with the Columbus East High School Policies.

  1. Everyone must sign in outside the Performing Arts Office when they are using the area.
  2. If the resource is full, you must go to another resource area.
  3. If you are going to use a practice room, you must have permission from the Performing Arts TA.
  4. If you are getting a D or F in one or more classes, you may not use the Performing Arts Resource Area.
  5. If you need to practice in the band room (drum set, large percussion instruments, bass or guitar), you must have permission from the Performing Arts TA or a Director. NO MORE THAN ONE PERSON PRACTICES IN THE BAND ROOM.
  6. People who fail to use the resource properly will not be allowed to use the area for the remainder of the semester. This decision is made by the Performing Arts TA or a Director.

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Musical Columbus East TorchStudent Attendance Policy

Performances and competitions are an important part of the student's music education and will be included in the determination of the student's grade. Students who are absent from school due to illness (an excused absence) will also be excused from a rehearsal or performance that occurs on that day. If a student must miss a rehearsal or performance, a conflict slip must be completed and turned in to be approved prior to the rehearsal or performance. Acceptable excused absences are listed below:

  1. Health problems severe enough to keep a student at home or a request by a physician that the student not participate in the activity (include a note from the physician with the Conflict Form).
  2. Death in the family.
  3. School activities in direct conflict (Director’s discretion).
  4. Religious observance.
  5. Family vacations (Summer Marching Band only – June).
  6. Extreme emergencies at the discretion of the Director.

Dates and times of performances will be provided through the group email and the calendars on this website. Please notify the Director immediately of any attendance issues you may have. Failure to notify the Director of absences through the conflict slip will result in an unexcused absence which will negatively affect the class grade. Directors will evaluate each absence and may make allowances for extenuating circumstances.

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Musical Columbus East TorchUniform Care

Marching Band

Concert / Symphonic Band

  1. Students must hang their school-owned concert attire properly after each use. Failure to hang the concert attire properly can result in a reprimand. WE RECENTLY PURCHASED NEW CONCERT WEAR! THESE OUTFITS ARE EXPENSIVE AND NEED TO BE PROPERLY HANDLED. BE RESPONSIBLE.
  3. Girls wearing the black velvet top and pants or skirt MUST SUPPLY THEIR OWN BLACK SHOES - either flats or heels.

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