Marching Band

“It is not more than you can handle. It is merely more than you thought you could do.”-- Laura Breckenridge

We Need Volunteers!

A marching band show requires multiple helpers. Please volunteer to help out in one of the areas listed below and support our students.

Musical Columbus East TorchProp Builders - Use your carpentry skills, welding skills, etc. to build props that are easy to assemble and move. Work with directors to develop design.

Musical Columbus East TorchProp Crew - Assist with getting props onto and off of the field during performances. Free admission to competition!

Musical Columbus East TorchPit Crew - tag along with the gator and pit carts at the competition. Assist with lifting pit equipment on and off the carts. Free admission to competition!

Musical Columbus East TorchDrivers to Pull Trailers Drivers must either own a truck that can pull one of our trailers, or be a Cummins employee and drive a Cummins truck. Drivers usually help load / unload trailers. Free admission to competition!

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Musical Columbus East TorchServe Meals - Serve meals to marching band members during band camp, before football games, or on competition day.

Musical Columbus East TorchChaperone - Ride on bus with band to competitions. Free admission to competition!

Musical Columbus East TorchUniform Parent - Assist band members with their uniform before and after performances. Assist in uniform room.

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Musical Columbus East TorchSpirit Week - Treats, decorations, posters. It’s a week to show the kids we support them!

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What's so great about Marching Band?

  1. 8am Saturday rehearsals with 80 of your best friends.
  2. It's a sport = PE Waiver
  3. Tan lines
  4. Black socks go with everything!
  5. "Remember that one time at Band Camp when..."
East band takes the field.

Columbus East Marching Band is a competitive marching band in Indiana State School Music Association Scholastic Class A. We compete against other programs similar to ours throughout Indiana. Marching Band begins in May with a Freshman Orientation, followed by four weeks of rehearsals in June. Band Camp will be the week before the start of school. Beginning the week after Labor Day the band will attend a series of contests every Saturday until late October (students do get a full week fall break). All band students are required to participate in marching band unless they are in a Fall Semester sport or activity that conflicts with marching band contests and rehearsals.

What is marching band? Marching band is the creation of music and movement learned and performed throughout the season. ALL STUDENTS ARE ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN MARCHING BAND! Some students may be limited to the amount of marching but will be a part of the show. Students develop music, leadership, teamwork, and physical fitness skills while working on the marching band show. Students can get a PE Waiver by participating in marching band.

Rehearsals Marching band rehearses after school Monday and Tuesday 3:30-5:30 and Thursday evening 5:00-8:00. There will also be rehearsal on Home Football Game Fridays after school. We also rehearse before we leave for every contest.

Fees For information on fees, please visit our Fair Share page.

East Band at the 2018 East vs North football game.
Marching Band Season

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